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Travel Guides

Personalized Travel Guides

“Paris is not a city. Paris is a world”.
There are so many attractions and possibilities that it is impossible to see everything in just a few days.

So how to plan the trip of your dreams?

The personalized travel guide helps you discover the city in the best way possible: your own!

How does it work?

Your daily travel guide will be tailored to match your profile, interests and budget and it will help you to optimize your time & make your walks around Paris more enjoyable.

I am always searching for new exhibitions, landscapes, restaurants, parks & gardens, shops, and many more, according to your interests (reservation and ticket purchasing services are not included).

For your convenience, the tailor-made travel guide comes with suggestion on transportation and all tracks are traced on google maps, to avoid any headache or time loss.

Traveler profile

The first step in preparing the guide is a detailed interview with questions about your preferences and expectations for the trip.


After emailing your answers and doing the payment (PayPal) the complete itinerary will be sent to you via email within 10 days.

Please forward an email to



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